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The Hindu Editorial Analysis by Vishal Sir | 9 Dec 2019 | Bank, SSC, UPSC & State PSC

9 Dec 2019 Vocabs

1. Trample – Don’t trample on the flowers when you play in the garden.
2. Travesty – The trial was a travesty of the Justice.
3. Delimitation – The matter of delimitation needs the two countries to negotiate.
4. Unprecedented – Such a move is rare but not unprecedented.
5. Squabble – Then there was a squabble on the landing.
6. Prestigious – She won a highly prestigious award.
7. Redundant – The picture has too much redundant detail.
8. Wanton – She was surprised by a wanton thought that rushed into her mind.
9. Retributive – Retributive justice demands an eye for an eye.
10. Anguished – He was anguished after falling off the balcony.

11. Gruesome – Police described it as a particularly gruesome attack.
12. Maim – He was going to maim me.
13. Pervasive – Alcohol is still a pervasive problem with high-school students.
14. Grievous – He had been the victim of grievous injustice.
15. Testimony – His testimony was an important element of the prosecution case.
16. Purportedly – this is purportedly the oldest tree in the world.
17. Perpetrate – Did you perpetrate this poem?
18. Onerous – This is the most onerous task, I have ever undertaken.


Ques:--"The ends of justice are not served by wanton killing and retributive blood lust; India must follow constitutional molarity, write your opinion."

Each country has its laws and rules. These laws have been created to protect the fundamental rights of each citizen irrespective of caste, religion, poor and rich. Despite it, people are killing innocent people,

organizing bomb blast, involved in corruption, carrying out illegal activities, invading other properties and raping girls and molesting them. Such cases are only increasing by years.

In spite of having laws, victims and their loved ones are not able to get justice and have to run years and years in court and still they find themselves at the same place. This one of the reasons, instead of tapping on the door of the court, the victims moved to wanton killing.

However, in many cases, it is observed that killing is done for personal motives and desires. Their constitutional morality is imperative. These people think they are above the law and have been perpetrating the crime.

The police force has to give the justification of each encounter which is good and fair but in some cases, people find it unfair as they think, it will become impossible for them to receive justice and which is somewhat true.

The government and the supreme court needs to work together to build a strong constitution in which the process of receiving justice becomes easier and fairer for the victims, as well as perpetrators, think twice while committing the crime. The people have to reflect their character too if they want to live in a safer country, as the murderer and innocents are living in the same place

2.Every country has its law and constitution and its responsibility of every citizen to have faith in it and its decision. But then the numerous questions arise in my mind, why people are losing trust in the law of the country? Why we feel we won’t get justices or we have to wait for a long time, so long that the victim may even not survive.

Frankly speaking, after the Nirbhaya case and many more, and their so-called fast track court of justice has lost our faith in the law. Now in Hyderabad’s crime, it is natural people were demanding instant justice like encounter or lynching. And when the severe step was taken by the Telangana Police in the form of encounter, they got applauded by the whole country. Further, the official procedure will take place and as per the law, the police have to give proper justification for their move.

For now, the present scenario of the country demands a strong and fast justice for such cases and no mercy plea for criminal irrespective of the age which can be done by instant steps taken by the government and Supreme court. At least these will build the fear in the perpetrator’s minds before doing such a gruesome event.